Sunday, November 30, 2008

oh the weather outside...

This is what I want to be wearing as I'm sitting in front of a fireplace with friends drinking hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows) and laughing laughing laughing.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

it's a plum world

These books are just plain amazing. Whenever I'm having one of those days and just want to escape the cruel world, or just feel like a good read, I plop down with one of these. They are laugh-out-loud hilarious, and the main character, Stephanie Plum (who will become your best friend) is to die for.

They run in a series that's up to fourteen now (Fearless Fourteen), but my favorite are the earlier ones.

Here's a taste from To The Nines...
"My name is Stephanie Plum and I was born and raised in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, where the top male activities are scarfing pastries and pork rinds and growing love handles. The pastry and pork rind scarfing I've seen firsthand. The love handle growing happens over time. Thank God for small favors.

The first guy I saw up close and personal was Joe Morelli..."

But when you're done enjoying you must tell me...Ranger or Morelli?

Friday, November 28, 2008

clearance, baby, clearance

Who likes saving 85%? That's right.

When my bro (who works at Walgreens) handed me the Day After Thanksgiving flyer for Walgreens, I freaked when I saw that Yes To Carrots Body Butter (mentioned here) was on sale for $1.99! Yes, indeed, which is 85% less than the usual $12.99. Hoo-rah!

So...I ventured out in my need-to-get-out-early-to-get-the-good-sale outfit (notice the crazy hair) and stocked up my supply. Actually, there was a limit of one on the sale, so I went up to the register twice and then returned to Walgreens a second time to buy another.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here are my finds from yesterday...

  • A beautiful bag with enough room for everything plus a little more. On sale $25
  • blue leopard print scarf on sale for $3

Charlotte Russe
  • denim wedges with red detail on sale for $5
  • Adorable white even has a chain on the inside that can be brought out to be a handle! CR was having a Buy-One-Get-One-50%-Off sale on everything in the store, so you could mix and match...that means that this clutch was $2.50!

Victoria's Secret
  • no...I'm not going to show you what I got here...but I will tell you that no wonder that their panties are $7.50 each when their bags looks like this!
  • I will also tell you that what I got was FREE!

Bath and Body Works

  • I had a Buy-One-Get-Something-Free card for this store, but I usually don't get anything at this store unless it's at an outlet I browsed around looking for the most inexpensive thing and this was it...Cutest little bottle of hand sanitizer plus one free. These were then only $1.50.

So here they are all together minus the scarf which I had already put away...
And here's the total...$37!! Fabulosity!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

stop in the name of cheesecake

Today was the last day of my bf being here, so he took me out to the Cheesecake Factory and then we went winter coat shopping. This was enveloped by a wee impromptu spree of great sales.

Today's outfit:
  • black ribbed turtleneck
  • white and gray pinstripe pencil skirt
  • black knee high boots
Today's extras:
  • skinny belt
  • owl necklace
  • peace ring
There is no end to my love for high-waisted pencil skirts. Especially this one because it was $6 on the clearance rack. That's right.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pink schmink

Today I wore to school:
  • beige tee
  • pink sweatshirt
  • light straight leg jeans
  • brown scarf
  • mocassins
This scarf was also a clearance buy ($3!)!

These mocs are amazing...the very epitome of fall...but I do wish I would have considered the melting snow before making my choice of footwear for the day.

This sweatshirt says University of Rochester and was sent to me by my bf who attends the university.

Monday, November 24, 2008

first snow

I awoke today wondering why is it so bright outside?! When I looked, I saw that the trees and the ground and everything else were covered with snow. It was beautiful.

For casual hanging out with my bf I wore:
  • long sleeve green tee
  • gray skinny jeans (inside out)
  • cardy boots
My extra was:
  • charcoal scarf
Yes, my pants are inside out because I discovered that it was a creative way to find more variations of outfits. The inside of the pockets on the jeans are sooo cute - they are little daisies...adding to the amazingness of pants inside out wearing.

These are the Ugg knockoffs I said I would probably get. They were $20 and they are warm and cozy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

channeling private eye...

After our date with Daniel Craig, my lovely bf and I stopped off at Target to see if I could find a nice winter coat.

I didn't quite find a winter coat, but I found this lovely tan swing trench on clearance for $17! I absolutely love it, especially the buckles on the sleeves and shoulder details. Too bad it's too cold for a lighter jacket, but it will still be amazing in the spring!

p.s. it looks better on me than it does on this model. Cheers!

shaken, not stirred

I'm excited to dress up for a couple days while my boyfriend is here on break! I keep pouring over the ideas for outfits and coming up with too many to actually try.

Tonight we went to see Quantum of Solace which was completely rad. I quite like Daniel Craig, and does he remind anyone else of Clinton Kelly? Just a little bit?

And I must say, my style savvy bf had it going on very much today. He wore a collared sweater (a present from moi last year) and a totally amazing tan bomber jacket that I ate up with a spoon.

My outfit:
  • red tee
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • long black cardi
  • black and white spectator pumps
My extra's
  • body chain
  • embroidered purse
  • plastic ring
I have been waiting to wear these shoes until I could go out with my bf - I love them soooo much! There's something about spectators that is very classic yet chic, and with a 4 1/2 heel, it gives them a great spin.

The purse was my mom's...hand-me-down style is always awesome.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

heard the buzz?

For those of you who haven't tried Burt's Bees lotion - do not wait any longer!! It is absolutely the best for dry skin and it smells delicious all day long. Plus it's all natural, the bottle is made out of 90% post-consumer recycled material, and it is not tested on animals. Who knew saving the world could feel so good?!

I'm currently using Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Orange Wax. Yum!

Friday, November 21, 2008

anything but mellow yellow

Yay!! Just blew out a huge sigh of relief because I am all registered for the spring semester! Rock on baby. Then I got to celebrate by going out to eat with my awesome (and very stylish) grandma.

Today's outfit:
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • gray long sleeve shirt
  • black vest-ish think
  • yellow pointy toed heels
Today's extras;
  • oriental purse
  • peace sign ring
  • initial bracelet

Thursday, November 20, 2008

starry night

These flats are to die for! The moment I saw them I was awestruck - they are sooooo terrific. They are perfect for dressing down a rocker-chic day outfit or dressing up an evening outfit.

I'm just dying to try them with a skirt or skinny jeans, with colored tights, anything!

They are from the new Sigerson Morrison line at Target, which also means that the price will be to die for too. They also have a cute bootie that is similar to can check it out here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

on the bright side...

I am in love with the Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison. The main character, Georgia, is a HILarious Brit with the funniest outlook on life. These are great for a time when you're in the mood for light reading, and something that will make you laugh right out loud.


oh, to sing in the rain

rainy days by IndyIndy

My essential rain gear: trench coat, bumbershoot, wellies, and depending on whether it's cold rain or warm rain, a scarf. Goodness, I yearn for a good rainy day...sigh.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a political statement


hoo rah

Today's outfit:
  • black ribbed turtleneck
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • green socks
  • sequin flats
Today's extras:
  • gray scarf
  • dolphin pin
  • large plastic ring

I like today's outfit because I put a couple things into it that I haven't worn in a while. After deciding that it wasn't wet enough for wellies, I started wondering what would keep my feet warm while also having good walkability for school. I picked the flats, and then took these green socks from my sock drawer. I've had these socks since I was super little, but I needed something to make this outfit stand out.

This scarf, I just have to say, was $3. Only. Yay clearance. Does it look like clearance? NO! Muah ha ha.

Lastly, I loooove this pin that was given to me by my parents years ago when I was obsessed with dolphins. It is so pretty and goes very well with this (yay $3) scarf.

Monday, November 17, 2008

meet you in Sherwood Forest

I don't know what it is, but something about these over the knee boots just screams out at me. It's probably the fact that when I think about over the knee (flat) boots, I picture Robin Hood, and who, quite frankly, is quite as awesome as Robin Hood?

These are perfect for tucking jeans into, by the way. Feel free to stick a feather in your green cap, as well.

light catcher

Instead of hiding all my awesome jewelry away in boxes, I prefer to display mine. A question arises, however, as to where things might be displayed.

So, since I was in a no curtain phase of my room, I decided to hang my necklaces from the curtain rod in front of my window. It looks super cool, especially in the morning when the sun catches them at the right light.

Also, when I was browsing at an antique store, I came upon this lovely candle stick holder. It was not expensive ($15, I think), so I bought it and hung it on the wall and now hang more jewelry from the stems and petals and leaves that adorn it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

give 'em the boot

This was my Friday outfit for my lunch with my grandma (sorry the picture is bad, I took it myself in a mirror as no one was around to help me).
  • large wool sweater
  • capri jeans
  • black suede knee-high boots
My extra was
  • a big belt
The best thing about this amazing sweater is that it was only $6 at a thrift store in Door County. It is an extra large, but it is so comfy that I don't mind. I just roll up the sleeves, and voila!

I also am in love with these boots. They are so soft on the outside and I just love them because they are the perfect classic black boot. I am very anal about the weather when I wear them, though, so I have to make sure that it's not raining or snowing or going to because they are so perfect.

bag lady

This is my trusty Beatles bag that I carry pretty much everywhere. Inside there's
  • hand sanitizer
  • a book
  • drum sticks
  • notes to myself
  • a dime
  • a purple pen
  • an Altoids box full of ticket stubs
It is also adorned with some of my favorite buttons, but sadly, my don't worry, be happy one that my dad gave me has dropped off somewhere. Sadnosity. But I replaced it with two other good ones, make out not war, and make music not war.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

kiss my buttons

Everyone needs to check out and browse some buttons!!!

I am addicted to buttons - I have an extensive collection and I just added 29 more to it tonight with my order from mushy cat. They're super affordable (only $1 a button) and the shipping is barely anything, especially if you buy more than ten at a time.

Also, you can customize your own I'm thinking some fabulosity factor...yeah!

Friday, November 14, 2008

my special tee (specialty...hee hee)

I wear tee shirts ALL the time (well...almost all the time). I always have fun browsing through catalogs like Alloy and looking at all their screen tees. These are a few noteworthy...

The Beatles in the peace sign...great. The pictures are from the Let It Be album, which is one of my favorites.

Whenever I fill up my little salt shaker, I am fascinated by the Morton salt girl with her cute bumbershoot and mary janes. When I was little I was a bit confused by their tag line ("when it rains it pours") but I do get it now.

This one is from the children's book Where The Wild Things Are, one of my favorites even today. The word "rumpus" has to be one of the most amazing words ever.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

rain rain come my way...

It's raining cats and dogs outside which made me fantasize about wellies. I must share these with you...

Chocolate and wellies together at last. Divine.

let me compare thee to a summer's day...

It's days like today that make me long for those sweet warm summer days. I can't wait to be back on the beaches of Door County with little clothes and an amazing big hat.

This shirt was a promotional shirt from the high school government elections at my high school. I got an extra large so I decided to customize it. In the back, I cut it all way through and knotted it ala stegosaurus. Then I cut the sleeves off and cut the shoulder and tied those together too. Voila!

I miss my big hat. And the teeter totters...sigh.

Also, these pics of the stocks are great - another summer Door County experience. (That's a putter between my knees, by the way...we were at a putt putt golf place.) Oh, and that's my bro.
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