Sunday, November 16, 2008

give 'em the boot

This was my Friday outfit for my lunch with my grandma (sorry the picture is bad, I took it myself in a mirror as no one was around to help me).
  • large wool sweater
  • capri jeans
  • black suede knee-high boots
My extra was
  • a big belt
The best thing about this amazing sweater is that it was only $6 at a thrift store in Door County. It is an extra large, but it is so comfy that I don't mind. I just roll up the sleeves, and voila!

I also am in love with these boots. They are so soft on the outside and I just love them because they are the perfect classic black boot. I am very anal about the weather when I wear them, though, so I have to make sure that it's not raining or snowing or going to because they are so perfect.

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