Thursday, November 13, 2008

let me compare thee to a summer's day...

It's days like today that make me long for those sweet warm summer days. I can't wait to be back on the beaches of Door County with little clothes and an amazing big hat.

This shirt was a promotional shirt from the high school government elections at my high school. I got an extra large so I decided to customize it. In the back, I cut it all way through and knotted it ala stegosaurus. Then I cut the sleeves off and cut the shoulder and tied those together too. Voila!

I miss my big hat. And the teeter totters...sigh.

Also, these pics of the stocks are great - another summer Door County experience. (That's a putter between my knees, by the way...we were at a putt putt golf place.) Oh, and that's my bro.

1 comment

Ali said...

Haha. Nice pic of Garth. This whole thing is amazing! <3

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