Friday, November 14, 2008

my special tee (specialty...hee hee)

I wear tee shirts ALL the time (well...almost all the time). I always have fun browsing through catalogs like Alloy and looking at all their screen tees. These are a few noteworthy...

The Beatles in the peace sign...great. The pictures are from the Let It Be album, which is one of my favorites.

Whenever I fill up my little salt shaker, I am fascinated by the Morton salt girl with her cute bumbershoot and mary janes. When I was little I was a bit confused by their tag line ("when it rains it pours") but I do get it now.

This one is from the children's book Where The Wild Things Are, one of my favorites even today. The word "rumpus" has to be one of the most amazing words ever.

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Jessi Huey said...

Thanks for the completely great comment! Very appreciated, and I'm so glad youre gonna send in a pic!! I love these tshirt, I've actually been wanting to buy the beatles one and the where the wild things are one too :). Wanna swap links? I like your blog :)

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