Thursday, November 6, 2008

nifty thrifty

The most unique and (most of the time) cheapest clothes and jewelry you will ever find will be at an antique or thrift store. I've found countless treasures such as my collection of owl necklaces and my red vintage nightgown at the antique store in my town. Especially when it comes to jewelry, you will find pieces you love that no one else will have.

I have also picked up black opera length gloves and an exquisite green velvet hat (which now looks funny with my short hair). Also, since I don't have pierced ears, I like browsing through the variety of clip-on and screw-on earrings.

One tip: if you ever see something you like but aren't sure if you want to get it, get it, because if you change your mind and come back for it later, chances are someone will have snapped it up already.

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