Sunday, November 9, 2008

we all know what "ugg" is short for

Please realize that Uggs are the most hideous form of footwear (second only to Crocs) on the face of the planet. Let me just say, I am all about the comfort, but when you are trying to be stylish, these boots are not an option. And please, never ever ever tuck sweatpants into your Uggs.

These boots make your feet and ankles look absolutely huge, not to mention your foot looks like a hoof.

Wait...before I denounce the line completely, they have come up with one style that I particularly like (which is hard since I've spent so long protesting the Ugg's existence), and that happens to be the Cardy Ugg. The silhouette is slimmer with a sort of a chic mukluk twist. I would never spend more than $100 for them or any other shoe, but maybe I could find a nice cheap pair of knockoffs for those cold days running errands in the cold and snow.

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Anonymous said...

haha I totally agree with the uggliness of the ugg! I'm not sure what they are for, don't they just get wet when you walk in them? and if they think they are stylish instead of practical then i'm not convinced! I must say those other ones you found are rather nice, they look much more stylish, I hope people will wear these ones instead of the other creation! Thank you for your lovely comment, and the $1 comment idea is truly wonderful...

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