Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wellie nellie

Today's outfit:
  • charcoal Marilyn Monroe tee
  • black vest-ish thing
  • dark blue straight leg jeans
  • polka dot wellies
Today's extras:
  • plastic heart ring
  • word bracelet
This is what I wore to work at the bookstore today. I was rather exited because the tee, vest, wellies, and socks were all never worn before! Yay new clothes. I was so excited when I woke up and it was rainy because I've been wanting to wear my wellies soooo bad. I conquered many a puddles and still looked groovy.
I like the vest because it is vest-y without being to formal looking.

I especially like the bracelet because I made it.

Hurrah for creativity.


Alegra said...

i quite like the waistcoat thing, where's it from?

Indy said...

The waistcoat thing is from JC Pennys from a line called Maybe. I just checked the tag to see if there was any other info for you, but the only thing interesting was that it was made in the US (wow...).

Thanks for the comment!

Irène said...

thank you very much. but you're blog is 10000x better. very nice outfits and other pictures do you have... :)

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