Thursday, December 18, 2008

all that jazz

Last night my fam and I went to my brother's jazz concert.
This is what I was wearing...
  • black cami
  • black and white striped button up shirt
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • black and white spectator pumps
My extras:
  • multi colored woven belt
  • double string necklace
  • silver cuff
  • black bow headband
This shirt I dug out from my brother's closet (he is 17 years old - two years younger than me but is like 6'6" - a foot taller!) The belt is from my mom's closet (again). The cuff (doesn't it make you think of Wonder Woman?) and the necklace are antique store beauties, and the shoes are just to die for aren't they? They're the kind of shoe I'd expect someone else to be wearing while I drool over them.

1 comment

jaleh said...

ooh i love this outfit! so chic :)

and yes haha i am wearing pants! i didn't realize!

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