Tuesday, December 9, 2008

are you wearing underwear?

Okay, this is the last dress post. Sad, I know. But anyway, I wore this sleek and sassy number to my senior prom (Discovery World, yeah!). I think it looks a bit Grecian, an era I love, hence the added headband.

It's a very simple design with an empire silhouette. In the middle, there was this free flowing draping piece that I liked to wear as a scarf (but I didn't actually at the dance), but I still think it looks cool.

Yeah, it's very hugging, exaggerating any lines anywhere, so you can guess the rest.

So...now that you've seen all my little ditties, you can vote for which one you like the best (on the right sidebar)! I appreciate your input.

1 comment

jaleh said...

i think i like this one the best but they are all lovely :)

and thank you!! ;p

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