Monday, December 8, 2008

buh-ens, my buh-ens

Please excuse the title of this post, but whenever I think of the word "buttons" I think of the time my boyfriend and I overheard these two girls talking about "BUH-ens." They had the worst sloppy speech, we couldn't help but laugh as they complained about their "BUH-ens, my BUH-ens!"

Anyway...This dress was worn by moi to my senior T.W.I.R.P. in February (brrrrr!!!). I love the simplistic design of this dress - the only thing different about is are the cute buttons.

I decided to wear my opera length gloves (another antique store find!) with this outfit, and my amazing peep-toe wedges for kind of an eclectic look.


1 comment

Nathalia said...

Such a cute dress! I really would want to have one...

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