Saturday, December 13, 2008

a goddess, you say

There's something so luxurious about the ancient Greeks and how they draped themselves with yards of beautiful fabric. It's glorious, and yet, surprisingly not at all high maintenance. They seem so beautiful yet so relaxed, a duo I would love to achieve at some point.

This set was inspired by the ancient Greek look in, obviously, the beautiful dress (and the gladiator-esque heels). In an effort to stray away from looking too costume-y, I chose modern accessories that still lend themselves to the look, but don't overpower it. The dress is the main focus, and I must say...yes, please.

grecian beauty by IndyIndy

1 comment

Nathalia said...

I love the inspiration you get from history! Sometimes I just want to invent a time machine in order to go back and look at beautiful clothes haha!

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