Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lovely vintage

Yay!! Another outfit post! I'm sorry for the lack of them lately, but since the last day of classes, all I have been wearing are sweats around the house and grungy outfits to work.

Ah, but today I had my first of three finals (for Interpersonal Communication), so I relished the thought of dressing with some purpose.

My outfit consisted of:
  • gray tee shirt
  • (very old) flare blue jeans
  • black draping cardigan
  • black velvet bow shoes
My extras:
  • red woven belt
  • Egyptian style necklace
  • green velvet hat

The belt is my mom's (that I should probably put back into her closet before she notices...), and the shoes are my great-grandmother's. I think the shoes are really reminiscent of the heels worn by women in the renaissance period, and therefore, totally and completely awesome.

The hat and the necklace are both finds from the same antique store. The necklace has a neat Egyptian look to it. I'm going to go and finish The Shining (by Stephen King), and I'm not going to do anything else until I am done!

1 comment

Nathalia said...

Love your green hat! I want one too..

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