Sunday, December 7, 2008

out of the blue

This has to be my favorite dress of all of them that I wore to a dance. It is so unique and different from everybody's and that in itself makes it tres irresistible. The neckline is divine and the ties on the sleeves are sweet. Note also the big square pockets. (Although it is a little scandalous in the length department.)

The shoes are delicious, with gold zipper detailing. When I got them, my dad asked if you could store things inside the zipper area, so I unzipped one a bit, but then almost couldn't shut it again. My dad laughed. Yeah, dad's are hilarious.

I loved having sleeves on this dress because no one wears sleeves on their dresses to school dances, so I felt really unique.

I wore this to homecoming my senior year.


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