Sunday, December 28, 2008

top deck

My mother and I ventured out this afternoon in the slushy mess that is Wisconsin to do some shopping, and I ended up with some very lovely, incredibly wonderful pieces (that were on sale, of course).

The first, from Charlotte Russe, is this lovely, unique blue/gray trench, reminiscent of coats Navy seamen might have worn. The asymmetrical collar and colorful patch at the top balance out the girly sleeves and waist detail. This was on sale for 50% off, and so ended up being $18.50.

The second item is this lovely cropped blazer from H&M. There is a very subtle black and gray check pattern. The button (from Charlotte Russe) on the jacket was a treat from my mom. It definitely sums up. Anyway, the jacket was $20 marked down from $35, about a 43% savings!

I promise you that both of these items look much better on me than on the hangers.

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