Tuesday, December 2, 2008

yikes stripes!

This is what my dad said to me when I came downstairs this morning: "Yikes, stripes!" He then proceeded to tell me some story about a commercial from the 50's or something about gum. I don't know either. But I love him.

Anyway...This is my amazing new winter coat from H&M.

And my outfit:
  • gray skinny jeans
  • red and pink striped wool sweater
  • black cardy boots
  • pink skinny scarf
My extras:
  • red cameo earrings
  • plastic heart ring
  • initial bracelet
I love these earrings because they are cameos, and I think cameos are so romantic and mysterious...and they were $1.50 at my fav antique store!

My mom bought this sweater and scarf for me my sophomore year after I failed my road test. It was a school day, but she wanted to make me feel better so she took me out to lunch and treated me to a sweet sweater. (I passed my road test a week later and I wore the pink scarf in the license picture.)

1 comment

Nathalia said...

love those earrings!

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