Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, today was my first day of the new semester. Pretty good, as far as first days go...rules, syllabuses, blah blah blah...droning on and on and on. But, most of my classes, save math, seem really great (Philosophy, Nutrition, and Crime & Criminal Justice). So, I have four classes, and three of them are in three different buildings, so at school I have to dress for the weather, and also for the thirty pound bag I have to carry (sooo many books...), which means probably no heels, especially when there's snow and ice on the sidewalks. Today's outfit:
  • University of Rochester tee
  • black drape cardigan
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • pink and green plaid Converse
My extras were:
  • tan wide belt
  • gold bangle
  • gold ring
This is more of my attempt at black and brown together...a little bit more drastic than the other night, still not all the way. I think it worked out well, though - I love this belt!
My first class starts at 8 AM and my last one ends around 12, so it's nice having the rest of the day free (for now while I'm almost jobless). However, I just spent three and a half hours on homework and trying to remember all the freakin' rules for now I feel like curling up with a blanket on my couch and watching
a) the Tudors
c) the Office
(I haven't decided yet). Except my brother and his (very loud) friends are playing Rock Band and I don't feel like going to the basement to watch that t.v. because it's freezing down there. Soooo...maybe I'll plan my outfit for tomorrow...


Daisy said...

o0o0o0 LaLa
i love ur belt...and the sneakers of couRse
...i'm a converse freak if you hadn't noticed LoL
great blog
& thanx for the comment!

Nita-Karoliina said...

belt and gardi are WOW

Dooder City said...

Great look. Good luck with your new classes!

Syana said...

Thank you for your lovely comment dear. I'll link you up too!

By the way, I love your belt, a must-have.


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