Wednesday, January 28, 2009

clutch this

Every time my mom saw me today she called me Bobby Dylan. I guess that my hair makes her think I look like him, and then I was wearing my Ray Bans, so that didn't help matters. Which is okay, I guess, there's alot of worse looking people that I could resemble...Here is some exciting news...

First of all - I got a job! Yay! Second of all - it's in a thrift store! What better job (for a fashionista) than at a thrift store? However, I don't start until March, so that is a bit lame and I will have to remain poor until that point. Thirdly - I will be making $7 an hour, more than the hardware store, and if they still like me after three months then I get a raise. Hoo-rah!

Before I went for my interview at St. Vinnie's (the thrift store), my mom handed me $5 and was like, "have fun!" Awww, my mommy loves me! And $5 in a thrift store? I could be dangerous. Here is what I emerged with (including a job!):

brown vintage clutch - $ .99 - this also has a chain that you can pull out for to hold on to if you don't want to clutch it.

oriental clutch - $ .99 - also has the chain option

black vintage clutch - $ .99

copper sequin bag - $1.49 - this one reminded me of my other one. However, this one is smaller and flimsier. But for that price, who can resist? It will make a good beach bag, at the least.

And there you have it - four cute bags for less that $5! That, my friends, is how you do it!

Thank you for all the support while I have searched for a job - I will keep you all updated on how things are going! And now...Bobby Dylan will leave the building ( least the seconds story of her house)...


C.B. said...

Congrats for the job!! I need a weekend job...

And I love thrift stores! I mean, in Spain it's not very popular to buy second-hand things... people went like... Awww! That's disgusting! (i used to think like that too..) But when I came here and see that there are like 2 thrift stores in every street and saw things that drive me mad... i just started loving them!

I think you can find such a exclusive things for less than 3 pounds, things you won't be able to find on a high street store.

Anyway, your clutches are gorgeous and so is the sequin bag!


Strawberry Fields said...

fabulous! =D you are so lucky to have such a good thrift store near you, i only have chain stores that are so badly stocked

karl's sweet child said...

You are so pretty! And congrats on the job, you are so lucky to got a job in a thrift store.. :-)

Syana said...

haha I think you're def hotter than Bob Dylan ;)

berrytrifle said...


I see my bag again!!

Its exactly the same! :O

Love op-shops. So lucky to get a job there! Good luck! (:

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