Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today, one of the coldest days we've had in years, I braved the cold in order to get to the bookstore to work. Needless to say, no customers showed up. Oh well...

Here is what I wore:
  • gray and black sweatshirt
  • gray skinny jeans
  • back cardy boots
My extras were:
  • charcoal and silver scarf
  • red woven belt
I found this sweatshirt by the trash at my house a couple of years ago and quickly rescued it. It used to be my dad's, and I have no idea why he was throwing it away. It is from the 1980 Olympic winter games in Lake Placid.

I tried rescuing another one of my dad's things the other week - a brown wool turtleneck sweater. I put it in a plastic bag and left it outside for a couple of weeks to kill any moths that could have been in it. Then, since it smelled horrible, I decided to wash it. I know you're not supposed to wash wool, but it really smelled gross. To make a long story short, it didn't help the smell, but the brown dye did bleed all over the other clothes that were in the wash with it. Yes indeedy.

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C.B. said...

hahahaha im sorry for your adventure with the jumper. xDDDD hahahaha maybe you can wash it by hand? its possible and you can left the jumper in soapy water for ages xDDDD and maybe the smell will disappear haha

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