Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hello six below

Ventured out in the sub-zero temperatures today to do more job shopping. Whilst dressing I opted more for the warmth factor than the fashion factor. Here is what happened:
  • black tee
  • black zipper hooded sweatshirt
  • light straight leg jeans
  • cardy boots
  • peace hat
My extra was a woven red belt which is my mom's. Oh, and also the aviators. Brrrrrrrrr! The hat, by the way, is actually my brother's which he bought at Claires. I was there and was all that's a girl's hat! And he was all who cares? He was right, I guess, it doesn't really matter. Plus it looks cute on me when I borrow it.

My mom made this scarf for my dad when they were first married. I love it so much - it's warm and has sentimental value.

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