Friday, January 16, 2009

mon frere

Today is my brother's 17th birthday. He had off of school because it was so cold out, and he also had off yesterday for the same reason, so that's pretty awesome. This is what I wore to dinner:
  • gray skinny jeans
  • white button up cat print blouse
  • black and gray houndstooth cropped blazer

My extras were
  • pink scarf
  • black ribbon
  • black and white polka dot bangle
  • red woven belt
This is the cutest blouse that my boyfriend bought for me in New York last year. He said he bought it because he missed Stella, my cat. Who can blame him - she is pretty cute.



Anonymous said...

aw, stella! she is beautiful!

i do love the pink scarf, too cute <3

C.B. said...

Your cat is lovely, and so it's your outfit!! the scarf is amazing!

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