Friday, January 2, 2009


I always hate New Years resolutions, because I can hold on to them for about six days and then...gone. are my resolutions for 2009, and hopefully they will last a bit longer.
  • keep room tidy! Although I have tried to convince my parents that the huge pile of clothes on my floor is for insulation, they do no quite buy it. I'm also keen to buy a used clothes rack and put it in my room for more organization since my closet is bursting. This includes doing laundry once a week.
  • be a real vegetarian! Not the kind who says they are and then eat a cheeseburger because they look and smell really really really really good. I have been trying to be vegetarian ever since October, and I have been doing really good, except for a couple give-ins to temptation.
  • save money! I used to be good at saving money. Actually, I am good, I put half of each pay check into a savings account that is used only for college. But I should be better at saving the other half. I was good at this until about the time my bf left for college, and then I just stared spreeing all over the place, which has been good for my closet, but not so good for other things.
  • be fit! No more eating family size bags of Doritos at a time. I'm going to try and stay away from overly processed and artificially colored/flavored stuff and eat more natural and organic things. Also (this is the hardest part), I need to start an exercising regimen that I actually keep up with. I used to work out in high school because I was on the volleyball, basketball, and track teams, and on the off seasons, was in the musicals and danced my ass off. Sadly to say, the extent of my exercising lately has been getting up and walking to the fridge. Not that I'm going to run seventeen miles a day, or any, but just at least getting outside and walking or riding my bike or puting on music and dancing to save the world.
  • get a new job! At the job I have now at the hardware store, I am constantly discriminated against because of my gender. I have been denied raises, even though I have been there longer and work harder than my male co workers, who are even in high school still. I work long hours, put up with bitchy customers, and with chauvinistic employers and fellow employees. It is going to be hard to find a new job, especially in this after holiday season, but I will not put up with getting treated like I am a cockroach anymore.
How do those sound? Pretty reasonable, right? Yeah, they do every year, but this year is going to be the year of will power! So I guess this means that I should probably step away from the laptop and get cleaning...or exercising...or something. Pish tosh, it has begun.

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