Friday, January 9, 2009

room cleaning extravaganza

I have been rearranging my room lately and have made great progress in some areas and not so much in others. Here are a few of the pics...

I now have a drawer in my dresser devoted entirely to sunglasses! I also can work at my laptop when it is on my desk because that's where all the sunglasses used to be.

Stella in the midst of stuff.

My pride and joy - my book corner. I added another bookcase to my room because I had too many books for just two. And they are all filled! I don't even know where I kept all the other books that weren't on a shelf before...

I like to press flowers from important events in books and stumbled across these petals in my dictionary which looked surprisingly beautiful.


C.B. said...

isn't your cat cute??? ^^ i love when mine just sleep over my clothes when they are piled on the floor (aw, yep my room is always messy lol)

you have a great collection of sunnies! i specially love the hippie ones!

anyway, i dnt understand why people doesnt visit you more, cause your blog is gorgeous and your style too!!


jaleh said...

ooh i love all those sunglasses and that is such a good idea, to press flowers into your books!

berrytrifle said...

i love how you press the flowers, cute idea!

you know the sequinned brown bag?
i have a smaller version of the same thing! (:

love your trench coat thats below this post, is amazing!

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