Friday, January 30, 2009


This is what I wore to class today:
  • purple long sleeve shirt
  • gray skinny jeans
  • gray and black logo Converse
My extras were
  • white belt
  • sheer black scarf
  • turquoise owl necklace
Nothing special...just trying to get through classes without freezing to death...

Anyone watching the Australian Open? Federer and Nadal in the final! I'm so excited! I like Rafa, his intensity and humbleness, but I'm a Roger fan...go Roger! (Sorry for any of you who don't know what I'm talking about...)


C.B. said...

hahaha i don't like Rafa, even when it's spanish and all that stuff.. i think all the people went like: Ooooh! Rafa is like God! Two or three years ago and he's a bit worn out for me hahaha and also, he looks like a monkey lol

I love your converse and your jeans! Aw! I love your body!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for the comment
on Stiletto Effect! =]

Dooder City said...

Love your scarf. These two guys are so hot. damn.

Syana said...

I don't like Nadal...he's so agressive and his muscles are so fake - you can totally see he injects himself with testorerone.
Federer is the best !!!

Maverick said...

Hell yes to Converse. I've been wanting to get some white ones, so I can draw all over them, and let my friends draw all over them! Nice blog :)

xx. mavi

C.B. said...

OK sweetie... but you DON'T need to exercise! Look at that amazing body you have!!

thanks for the support anyways! ^^


$ouLphate said...

thanks for the compliments dear! i like your blog too =) did you know i dont even own a gray skinny jeans? shame on me yes i know.. i've been searching for the perfect one, but can't seem to find it, boehoo =(
i'll see you around xoxo

berrytrifle said...

i love your outfit here!


Deannasworld said...

I love watching tennis, lol. And lurve the shoes. And the necklace you got for $6 in the antique store. Its pretty, and how can you go wrong for $6? At least if it breaks (pray to God it doesn't, its a keeper) it wasn't some rediculous amount like the designer necklaces are :) We have had snow, I haven't been to school Mon-Wed. YAY!!!
And so sorry, Nadal won :)
Love Deanna xxx

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