Sunday, January 18, 2009


Tonight I went out with my fam to see Slumdog Millionaire which is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time - see it!

In other news, I was rummaging in our basement today and found these amazing high-waisted pants that my mom gave to me a while ago. They are absolutely fantastic, and I'm so glad I found them - what I had them doing in the basement is beyond me. Here is my whole outfit:
  • black turtleneck
  • blue vintage cami tank (which is it?)
  • black vintage high-waisted pants
  • black suede knee-high boots
My extras were:
  • wide belt
  • flower necklace
The blue tank was also my mom's, which I found in the Dress-Up-Box that my brother and I used to play with endlessly. Also in The Box was a cream Christian Dior silk slip that is very delicious and I think might be worn as part of a top or something else creative.


C.B. said...

good trousers!! I'm dying to find a good pair that fits me... but i cannot find it anywhere :( (probably cause i'm still too fat!) Agg! who has your bodyyY!!


kait.lyn said...

i love the silhouette of those trousers. they're so flattering and classic.

karl's sweet child said...

I want to watch slumdog millionaire too!!
I loooove your hair btw!

Charm said...

I love when I find random new/old/lost things. It makes me oh so happy...

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