Friday, January 23, 2009


I applied for more jobs today and I actually might be hired at a local thrift store called St. Vincent de Paul (St. Vinnie's). I handed in my application and they wanted to interview me right away. While I was there I couldn't resist a little shopping even though I have only one job where I work once a week and am therefore poor.

However, everything ended up nicely as I left with this cute little chair, perfect for my little corner, and for only $10.

Here are some other pictures of what I bought a couple weeks ago at St. Vinnie's...

Cutest little red purse (think upcoming Valentine's Day...) - only $2.00!!! The strap is detachable and actually makes a really cute belt.

Four more belts... $2.58, $4, $4, and $3 Hurray for thrifting!


berrytrifle said...

Oh my gosh!

I love, love, love the tan and navy belt!

Such a sweet score!

I do love op-shops. Yuss! (:

berrytrifle said...

OHH! and...

i love the red bag!
so cute.

i ALSO reguarly use bag straps as belts. Hahaha. (:

Maddie said...

why is everything so cheap in america??

Sacha said...

I'm just investigating the shoes now.

You're so lucky to have a shop when you can thrift. I love the electric blue belt.

Beckacakes said...

what a beautiful chair!
& good luck with the job apps, working in a thrift store would be amazing because you could pick out all the best stuff as soon as it came in!

Nita-Karoliina said...

i like your blog and thanks for nice comment! :)
i will link you!

Dooder City said...

Good luck with the store job!

C.B. said...

the chair is amazing!!! And the belts and the bag!! Woowww... im dying to find a proper thrift store... here... they're horrible :(

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Hi indy, thank you for your kind comment!
You are also rockin a nice style I see in the post below!


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