Wednesday, January 28, 2009

weird dreams

How many times d'you think you say I had the weirdest dream last night!? Well, I had the weirdest dream last night. I would try to explain it, but that would just get long and since I don't even really understand it, I doubt any of you would either.

Here is my school outfit for today:
  • Levi's velvet collared shirt
  • black vest
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • hounds tooth Converse
My extra is my little blue belt and my love necklace.

This shirt was my dad's that was kept in our Dress Up Box for the longest time until I stole it away to my closed. I admit the burnt orange color (it looks redder in the pictures) is a bit strange, and so, I suppose, is the shirt in general. It is really soft velvet and is very warm - great for these sub-zero Wisconsin days. I have to ask my dad when it's from.

I'm having a great time with belts lately, can't you tell?

1 comment

Strawberry Fields said...

thank you, the penguin is the shiz! i am going to have to really knuckle down with work as exams are looming =S fabulous waistcoat xx

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