Sunday, February 8, 2009

another mind...

I had a really full and fun day today! Let me fill you in...

First of all, this is what I wore:

  • white 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • vintage high-waisted pants
  • sparkle pointy
My extras were:
  • suede jacket
  • home made bird necklace
  • navy belt
First, my mom and I went to an antique show where they had really beautiful, really expensive stuff. I think I came out with the least expensive thing there - the pin that is pictured above for $3.

The expo center that the show was at was right next to an animal shelter where we adopted my dog, and my mom was like, "let's just go in and look," and then I was all, "Mom, you know we can't just look," but we went in anyway. We almost looked privately at three different dogs, but each one couldn't get adopted to a family with a cat.
That was kind of sad, but I don't want my cat eaten, either. I looked at the cats and the bunnies that we are not allowed to get because we already have a cat and my cat and my dog would eat a bunny. But they were still soooo cute to look at.

One adorable lop-eared rabbit had a sign on it that said that it was abandoned at the side of the road in a cage. Seriously, I try my hardest not to hate and put that out in the world, but it's hard when it comes to people who abandon animals and treat them badly.

I am so bad when it comes to shelters, though, one step in and I want every animal I see. I always start crying because I know some of them won't get adopted and some of them were abandoned and mistreated. People - please adopt from shelters as opposed to pet stores! Pet store animals are just as sweet and need homes, but they are more likely to get adopted and less likely to be put down if no one wants them right away.

Then, we did a bit of grocery shopping, and you know the samples they set out sometimes? Yeah, I took a toothpick from the used cup and didn't realize it until I needed to put it there. Really? Yes, I did. It was great. So besides that and not being able to take home twelve cats, bunnies, and dogs, it was a really awesome day.


Connie Hsiu said...

great pants, i need to get a pair...seriously!!

Nox said...

I love your outfit! I should consider getting a pair of high-waisted pants myself :)


Syana said...

oh I know what you mean...I also get really emotional when I go to a shelter. Unfortunatly I can't take anymore animals, I already have 5 cats haha. But that didn't stop my mum from getting 24 birds!!! ( she's completely crazy..)

Anyway, I like the pants!! xxxx

$ouLphate said...

lovely pants u got there =D

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