Tuesday, February 3, 2009

blog love

I got my first tag today from C.B. of My Gorgeous Finds - please stop by her awesome blog!

I will be tagging

All these bloggers are so sweet and I would really really really like to see more from them!

I thought I would take this opportunity to answer some questions that have been emailed to me since I have been blogging (my email address is fabulosityfactor@yahoo.com if anyone else would like to contact me about anything - I will always respond and send love love love back).

what is your favorite physical characteristic about yourself?
probably my chin dimple...hmmm....either that or my eyelashes

what is your guilty pleasure?
definitely reading Seventeen magazine...I have a subscription

what fashion trend do you hate?
I can't really think of a particular trend that I hate...I just hate it when people just use trends as opposed to using creativity and developing their own personal style

what is your favorite trend?
I don't have one in particular...some of the ones that I like are hippie headbands, oversize (and also reusable) bags, and I also like that tights are back in

what is one of your fashion regrets?
all through high school every day I pretty much wore jeans and a tee-shirt...and not even cute tee shirts, I wore like the ones you get when you're on a sports team or go to the Hard Rock Cafe...don't get me wrong, those outfits definitely have their place, I just wish that I hadn't worn that practically every day and had tried to be more creative and individual with my style

So... a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog and especially those who comment - you guys are great and you are what keep me blogging! Love all around.



C.B. said...

Jummm big and printed tees then? hahaha i know what you're talking about... I think everyone have to go through that hahaha

karl's sweet child said...

Yeah, I love your eyelashes! :-)

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