Friday, February 20, 2009

breaking legs

Hey-o! This is kind of a dull post - the one when you got dressed in the morning freezing to death and wishing that you could be back in your warm and cozy bed...with that frame of mind, the only thing that mattered this morning was comfort. Actually, I did put on jeans, and I probably have you lovely readers to thank for that. Not that I would have gone out half nuddy, I mean that I probably would have worn sweats...

Anyways, here is what I wore to uni and work today:
  • straight leg jeans
  • "Players" hoodie
  • cardy boots
My extras were the white framed sunnies.

This hoodie was to commemorate my four years as a drama student at my high school. I really miss theatre and wish I could do it in college, but that would just be too much of a work load, especially because I'm not any good and wouldn't get into shows anyway, and because I am not pursuing a career in theatre. Yes, we've been breaking legs since you can see.


Hippiegirl said...

i really like your glasses!!!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Ahaha that is a funny sweatshirt! But I'm definitely familiar with that feeling of wanting to wear sweats when it's just soo cold.

Dooder City said...

Great hoodie. I love black hoodies.

S.M. said...

I know those days. (like today) I'm just wearing an oversized jumper and two pairs of leggings. Ohh lazy sundays! I love them!! ^^
And I kinda love your jumper and the slogan hahaha


and yup. She's so pretty, so tall, so clever... so... perfect! I know she will be important ^^

Hannah said...

HA! I love that hoodie!

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