Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mad plaid

Today was my first day working at the thrift store! It was fun, but really tiring as you have to be doing something every second or else you're fired (pretty much). I saw some great clothes (red Burberry trench for $20) and there were also some people who bought stuff and I was like oh my gosh I want that. Like this one lady bought this dark navy jean romper that was totally cute and if I had seen it first... But you know.

My feet are aching now, though - why oh why did I wear flats? Anyway, here is my outfit for today:
  • Marilyn tee
  • plaid flannel shirt
  • vintage leather jacket
  • straight leg jeans
  • sequin flats
My extras were:
  • pink pearl strand
  • purple headband
I am dead tired and have to wake up at 5 tomorrow for uni, so, for now adios, amigos!


Nox said...

I like the way you combined that flannel shirt with the leather jacket. Great outfit! :)


C.B. said...

hahaha today I almost worn the same as you: plais shirt (red too), leather jacket, white tee, acid jeans and... boots... cause here, of course, it's raining (aggg)

The first days at work are the most difficult, but don't worry, you'll get used to the hard work!


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