Thursday, February 5, 2009


The most exciting news! They're firing someone at St. Vinnies (the thrift store) and so I get to start work sooner than March! As in next week! Seriously, the best news ever.

So today was my official hire date and I went in and filled out all the paperwork and stuff. And they gave us the super ultra cool (not) handbook of stuff - I get a 30% discount! Really, at a thrift store I was not expecting an employee discount.

This is what I wore today:
  • A Chorus Line long sleeve tee
  • gray skinny jeans
  • black leg warmers
  • black and cream houndstooth Converse
My extra was my big black and silver belt.

I am so happy to be employed again - big weight off my shoulders.

Here is a picture of the flowers my bf sent me yesterday.



C.B. said...

Ohhh!! I wish I could work in a wonderful thrift store (not like the ones we have in rugby but the ones in london would be ok haha)

^^ Love the converse!!

Anonymous said...

how sweet to get those pretty flowers! and congrats on the job!! <3

Nita-Karoliina said...

lovely flowers, romantic!!

Strawberry Fields said...

i so want a job, very jealous =S

i could do with lots of layers like you have right now as there is three inches of snow outside my house whcih is not good as snow bugs me =P your bf is so sweet =D xx

Deannasworld said...

Those flowers are so pretty! God, I wish my bf was that sweet...
But he's doing pretty well considering he doesn't exist...
:) Love Deanna xxx

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