Monday, February 2, 2009


This is my school outfit:
  • black ribbed turtleneck
  • blue tank
  • dark straight leg jeans
  • oriental Mary Janes
My extras were:
  • Buddha necklace
  • brown belt
Today, since it has been quite nice outside compared to lately (in the 20's (F)), I decided to wear my Mary Jane shoes without socks. I am not the brightest at times - my feet are still warming up. I got these shoes last spring in an outdoor clothing and supply store for $6. I don't know quite what they were doing there, but I was happy to find them at such a sweet price.

I love this necklace. I found it in a lonely corner at an antique store in Door County last summer for $5, and I could not pass it up. It is so big and terrible, but that makes it irresistible to me. And Buddha always reminds me to calm down. Thank you, Buddha.



C.B. said...

Cute! But... it isn't too cold outside?
Here is snowing and.. uff I haven't got any inspiration to dress this days... (i'm from the south of spain -MARBELLA- where is always 15ÂșC and near the sea... so winter is not bad! and im not used to these temperatures!)


Gerry said...

I'm so jealous of your thrift store finds!! You couldn't find anything for $5 in New York if you added a couple sexual favors onto the payment.

Linda Famularcano said...

Loving the blue tank and cool necklace. (^_^)

Jenny H. said...

cute necklacee.
keep up the great outfits!

Nathalia said...

Great pair of jeans! And the nacklace is lovely:) Thanks so much for your sweet comment too!

C.B. said...

I gave you a prize on my blog ^^

C.B. said...

its supposed that you must give the prize to more people and keep the prize going through the blogs and stuff!! or just, "hang it" around your blog to show everyone you're fab^^


Nox said...

Nice outfit - I love your necklace :)
I'd love to find a pair of shoes for only $6 here... ;)


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