Friday, February 6, 2009

red sweater

Went to the library after school to get my tax forms today...ewwwww. But doing taxes at least means tax refund, so...

This is what I wore today:
  • Madeline tee
  • vintage red cardigan
  • light blue straight leg jeans
  • white nautical flats
My extras were:
  • navy belt
  • silver necklace
This cardy was a thrift store find ($4) and is the prettiest shade of red.

So this weekend I am doing my taxes, going to an antique show with my mom, homework, clean the bathroom...blah blah...more homework... This is my last weekend before work starts! Yay and not yay at the same time. But mostly yay.


C.B. said...

love the cardi--so oversized!

cute cute!!


Syana said...

hello dear, i wanted to thank you for tagging me it's really sweet of you!!!

I love the color of your cardigan, red has always been my favorite :)


Syana said...

omg I just noticed you put the lyrics of Across the Universe from the Beatles!! It's my all-times favorite song <3 haha what a coincidence because next week I'll be singing at a Beatles concert in my town :)maybe i'll post it on youtube.

xxxx ( you have amazing taste not only in clothes but also in music! )

Nita-Karoliina said...

nice gardi! which job?

Strawberry Fields said...

i just hope that the jumper will brighten up your weekend =D xx

Connie Hsiu said...

the tee and cardigan are great pieces, i love them

La Couturier said...

love the cardigan & those jeans!

La C.

closeup said...

looks great :)

I wanna be your blog said...


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