Wednesday, February 25, 2009

st. vinnies

As most of my readers know already, I have recently been hired to work in a thrift store. I absolutely love it and actually look forward to going to work every night. Yesterday I took some pictures to post and explain a bit about, so here it goes...

This is "the back." This is where all the donations go and where we sort clothes. The blue bins are what we sort the clothes out of and into - the good clothes come out and go into piles to be priced and put on hangers while the bad clothes go back into a bin.

In back there are huge boxes with all the belts, purses, hats, backpacks, and shoes that are waiting to be sorted. Here are the boxes of belts and purses.

Here is a shot out over some of the womens department. There is also a mens department, a home decor department, a sporting goods department, entertainment department, and a jewelry counter. It's pretty extensive. People donate all kinds of things...some that you would never want to know about (ahem...dildos). But we don't put things like that out, just to make that clear.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some outfits worthy of posting, but until then - love to everyone!


berrytrifle said...

I am soooo incredibly jealous!
That heaven that you work at is like a massive treasure chest of goodies! Haha.

As for the..ahem..D*ldo's..
Not sooo much..


Syana said...

Woow I didn't imagine it was that huge!! You lucky girl :P I'm really jealous!

Connie Hsiu said...

gosh what a great post :)

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