Thursday, February 26, 2009

twenty seven

I have two more exams tomorrow, so I spent most of the day before work studying...absolutely craving the weekend. Here is what I wore to work:
  • rugby polo
  • straight leg jeans
  • tennis shoes
First of all, I know the lipstick doesn't go at all, but I got two new colors today and was testing them out before I got dressed. Then I took the pics and forgot that I had it on, so...yeah.

I didn't buy this shirt for myself, and probably wouldn't ever have bought it in the first place. That is the nice thing about getting gifts from other people, you never know about what you wouldn't have even considered in the first place. I really like the outfit it creates. I love how these pants make my legs look so long!

I guess that is my advice for the day...not about how dark wash jeans make your legs look longer...but that you shouldn't be afraid to wear something you would have never ever ever even really never know how it will end up until you try it.

1 comment

Hippiegirl said...

your face look so beautiful on that picture!!!

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