Monday, February 16, 2009

"it's called a lance...hello..."

Happy Monday all! The worst day of the week, but now almost will never again have a Monday February 15 of 2009. Kind of sad in a way, but it is a Monday. Sorry - I am in this rambling state of mind on account of the fact that I have been sleepwalking ever since I got up this morning. It might have something to do with the amazingly high and unbelievable amount of sugar I had over the weekend (1 entire can of frosting, 20 bazillion coconut doughnut holes, 26 Hershey Kisses...and that is not even half of it...I blame this on my boyfriend for being so far away on Valentine's day and making me replace his presence with sugar...he doesn't seem to buy this explanation, though).

The word you're looking for is...anyways...

This was my outfit of choice on this freezing day of classes:
  • ribbed turtleneck
  • silver tunic
  • skinny jeans
  • cardy boots
My extras were:
  • head scarf
  • navy skinny belt
  • black woven belt
  • oversize sunnies
I really hate the way these knockoff Uggs look (all Uggs, for that matter) - kind of like a hoof...but on these frigid days they do keep my feet warm. And isn't it the worst feeling to have cold feet that won't warm up all day? Besides the wearing new shoes and having a blister fifteen minutes into the night. Stop rambling! Sorry!

I love this tunic. I call it my "chain mail." I thought it went nicely with my head scarf "coif." Now just give me my damn lance and I'll be off. Speaking of is a treat for all of you - the Golden Years dancing scene from A Knight's Tale. Great song and great dancing. Plus a cute page pretending to be a knight and trying to win fair lady. Just good all around.

Ooo - I forgot how cool Jocelyn's makeup was for this scene! Enjoy!


C.B. said...

Oh I love love love love your head scarf!! Soo 50's!! ^^ And the tunic is perfect!!

At least, you had someone to call and think about on St Valentine's... I just eat sugar and treated myself and the worst part is I couldn't blame anyone for it hahaha


Princess Katrina said...

cute outfit!

Hippiegirl said...

thank you for your lovely comment :)
i really like your style!!
can i link you?!

tanya said...

how cute--i just LOVE that head scarf, so chic!! :-)

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