Thursday, March 12, 2009

the best of times...the worst of times...

The reasons for my tiny hiatus are:
  • my grandpa (my dad's dad) died Friday night
  • my boyfriend came from NY Friday night for his spring break
So...something devastating and something amazing happening right at the same times. Yeah, my grandpa was 83 and he suffered from Alzheimer's. He was at the stage where they forget how to swallow yet can't have an IV in because they pull it out. I really miss him.

My boyfriend and I had a bunch of fun, though. We went to the Titanic exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum and it was really cool! I had seen it a couple years earlier in Chicago, but I liked this one better. Has anyone else seen it? Then we went back to his house and watched Titanic the movie. I cried. I love the outfits Kate Winslet wears in that movie - especially the first one with that amazing hat. The rest of the week were spent eating good food and cuddling.

This is an outfit I wore a couple of days ago. I bought this awesome Cheers (my favorite TV show) sweatshirt for really cheap at the thrift store (they were going to bale it! I saved it, though). Then, I customized it by cutting off the hem and the sleeves and the neck. I almost wore really big dangly hoops with this outfit but then I thought I would look way '80's. Not that there's anything wrong with the '80's, I just like any specific fashion in moderation.

I also got my paycheck today and went on a mini shopping spree at work (stop rolling your eyes, Bob). I didn't really do any shopping, I just bought some of the things that I had set aside and not had any money to buy earlier. I have to wash most of what I got, but here's a preview...

I know what you're thinking - ewww...second hand shoes. But don't worry - I only buy the ones that are donated new, or else, yeah, that is really gross.

I am sending you all positive and loving thoughts.

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Syana said...

I like the fact you cut the neck of the t-shirt because it reminds me of "Flash Dance " haha

Oh I also most of the time buy only vintage shoes that haven't been worn, or if they're "ok" I just put soles..

By the way, I'm very sorry for your grandpa :( I was wondering where you were!! I kept checking your blog but I didn't see any new posts... happy you're back!

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