Saturday, March 14, 2009

cleanin' out m' closet

This picture was taken in August '08 at my grandparent's 60th anniversary party...that's my grandma and grandpa on the couch.

Even though funerals are sad, I like the fact that they bring people together. My grandpa's funeral was very sad, but it was also full of family. There were tears, laughs, old stories, really old pictures - it was a real experience. There's so many people out there so full of love, ready to comfort and console and tell you funny stories from when your dad was little.

Love really is the best medicine. People...everyone...even though it seems so much easier to hate and so much harder to love, I promise, the effort it takes to put that love out instead of that hate is so worth what it brings you. Please work on saying I will love you anyways. Despite all the annoying habits, bad attitudes, or hateful behaviors, there is something in everyone that is worthy of love. You just have to look.

So...yesterday I mentioned a cleaning episode I had, and I am not finished by far, but I am so proud of my new shoe racks! Here's a preview...



Elizabeth said...

i love your shoe rack! I need another one fo those! haha

Tariro said...

I love your shoe rack! Mine is in my head but SO not in my closet

Michelle said...

three things i love:

1. your burberry scarf
2. your cheers shirt
3. your jackets and coats

you got style!!!

Anonymous said...

i am very jealous of your shoe rack!

Nox said...

I like your shoe rack! I could use one myself ;)

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