Sunday, June 7, 2009

bright eyed and bushy tailed

I just saw the movie He's Just Not That Into You, and it was quality. Funny, sad, heartwarming, know. For anyone who hasn't seen it - watch it with someone you love. (And isn't Scarlett Johannson gorgeous!?!?)

Here is what I wore gallivanting...(I was feeling colorful)

These are new wedges I got yesterday when I rode my bike around to rummage around at rummage sales. They were only $5 and almost never worn (from Charlotte Russe!).

I also scored two beautiful hats from the 1940's - one for $5 and one only for $2 - such a steal!

I must say that I am loving this thing called summer!


Who are you Weesha? said...

I LOVE the shoes- they're gorgeous!

karl's sweet child said...

awww cute tank! you look so cute :)

NODtoMOD said...

omg love this!! i cant wait to see the movie as look fabulous! xo

Nadine said...

I loved the movie :)... it was just great but I didn't liked Scarlett - even if her dresses were awesome.

Great look - the top is great ^^.

C.B. said...

Wouh! Perfect outfit! I love it soo much!!!

Thanks :) There are a few pictures but the ones with all my friends and my funny I've-been-drinking-a-lot face will be uploaded in the next days!!

I wish I could find some deals like you do! :(

elena-lu said...

you rode your bike in those? wow!
oh and i love the top!

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