Saturday, July 11, 2009

dedicated to b.j.e.

Apparently, according to Brandon, this is an "80's outfit." I'm not sure if I see that right away when I look at it, but, hey, at least he appreciates my style and my birth decade! Plus, it feels extra good when it's a guy commenting on your outfit.

Anyhoo...this is what I wore today...Thanks to my boyfriend for donating these old jeans to me...and thanks for Charlie Brown for making this shirt possible.


Who are you Weesha? said...

it's 80 awesomeness honey- you look fan- freakin- tastic!

Anonymous said...

great sneakers, amazing color!

I love when people proclaim your outfit is a certain decade, half the time I never even notice beforehand haha

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures - the hat seems to be made for you :).

Ancarol said...

So cute the outfit ! i want to dressing like this too . it`s sweeeeet .

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite!!!
I love everything with this shoot too! You should be a model... If you can pull it off this well at your house I'm sure that it would be easy for you to model for a career.

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