Monday, August 10, 2009

tea, anyone?

I organized a little fairy tale photoshoot this morning. I got this fabulous dress at a thrift store, and even though it's a little big, I still think it's the perfect fairy tale gown. I organized a wee little tea party for me and my friends, I got three pictures eeked out, and then I sat on a bee. IT STUNG ME RIGHT ON THE BUM!!! I am not even kidding. As I sat down for the self-timed picture, I sat right on a bee and it got trapped under my dress. I must have given the neighbors quite a sight as I started yelling and pulling up the dress and hopping about.

I forgot how much getting stung hurts, as I haven't gotten stung since I was about, hmm, four. So now I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my bum praying it doesn't rain before the swelling goes down and I can finish up.


Lydia said...

Aww this is cute!

Fashion and more said...

What a great idea for the photoshoot and how great is that dress? love the color too.
Hopefully the sting won't hurt for too much longer.

luxusmädchen. said...

the pictures are sooo cute! i love them ♥

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