Saturday, September 5, 2009

everybody smiles at you

7:00am - woke up
I don't know why I woke up two and a half hours before I needed to be at work...not smart on my part.

7:28am - video chatting with my boyfriend
Now I know why I woke up two and a half hours before I needed to be at work. Good thinking, me!

Me: I love sweatpants!
Boyfriend: I don't particularly like your sweatpants.
Me: um, excuse me?
Boyfriend: I mean, I love your sweatpants.
Me: (giving the silent treatment)
Boyfriend: are you not talking to me?
Me: yes. Until you apologize to them.
Boyfriend: to who?
Me: my sweatpants.

Uh, maybe not.

9:20am - running a red light on my way to work

Me: Shit!

11:00am - yeah, working at Target
The uniform (khaki pants and red shirt) is extremely lame. Only and hour and a half of work to go!

12:52pm - locking my keys in my car

Me: Are you kidding me?!?!?!

On my way to deliver my schedule to another employer, I locked my keys in my car. Brilliant! Not only do I have to borrow a phone, I have to wait for my parents to rescue me. Cool.

1:59pm - sitting at my computer in my underwear

Me: (thinking) I really want some corn!

2:12pm - me making corn on the stove


2:20pm - talking to my boyfriend on the phone

Me: guess what I did today?
Boyfriend: you locked your keys in your car?
Me: how did you know that?
Boyfriend: meh heh heh. The thing with you, dear, is that you never have to ask who? only when?
Me: (silent treatment)
Boyfriend: Are you not talking to me again?
Me: (no answer)
Boyfriend: I love you.

2:30pm - me spilling corn on my laptop

Me: merde! Triple merde and poo!
Stella (my cat): (twitches whiskers)

3:30pm - sitting at my computer in my underwear and sequin heels

Updating my blog. Wow, is that really my life? Haha...oh man.

3:48pm - still updating my blog

Why are all my pictures blurry? Sorry about that. I must learn to use this thing.

This blouse is the epitome of awesomeness. Other than these heels I'm wearing right now. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear it? Same goes for the hat. And the orange lipstick.

3:57 - mad disco inferno dancing

**EDIT: my boyfriend wants me to make it clear that he is not mean and the "sweatpants" conversation is taken out of context. Heehee.



Anonymous said...

For the third time at attempting to make this comment...I actually love her sweatpants. The conversation is very out of context, but you know, tis alright. I love you, baby.

wardrobeexperience said...

while wearing this incredible blouse, life can't be bad - even locking the keys in the car must be colourful and fun?! I'm really jealous about it.


Anonymous said...

wow what a crazy cool blouse!

and love this post. ok so maybe your day doesn't sound like it was perfect but certainly an entertaining hilarious read.

linaa, said...

HAHAHAHAAH CUTEE i enjoyed reading that!
youur outfitt is wayyyy adorable, id totally wear thatt! :D
you and your bf seem like such a cute couple!
gahhhh <3

Anonymous said...

What an interessting blouse :).

Nox said...

Awesome blouse! :D

Patty Ann said...

ahhh i dont go online for one day, and you post this amazing outfit!!!! OMG your post made me laugh so hard, i heart you. omgggg you are hilarious. you have such fabulous style, and more posts like this with random conversation snippets please!!!!!!!

Terence Sambo said...

love ur tights, d hat combo is hot too ;o)

Who are you Weesha? said...

hahah so cute, I hope he did end up apologising to your sweatpants tho :P

Awesome shirt!!!

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