Thursday, September 17, 2009

r and not-r

I have a test in my Logic class tomorrow. Hence the title. So, do you know what the truth value of "r and not-r?"

A-ha! Another brooch...I told you I was having a thing with them lately. I am also in love with mixing prints, like the stripes with the animal's so...oh, what's the word...amazing? And another thing...pairing colors with other colors from the same family (like pink and red)...oh so dangerous.'s a story for you...I made crepes today. I was working on mastering the art of flipping them, and I was sooo good. But then, as I was showing my dad my complete skill, I flipped one out of the pan and onto the burner. It then burst into flames. True story. Nothing was hurt. Except maybe my dignity. Nothing a pair of candy apple red peep toes couldn't fix, though.


Sher said...

what a cute story of you flipping the crepes, dear!

I love your candy apple red shoes and how you wore the brooch on your vest, simply lovely:)

fookaDESIGNS said...

Love it! Your blog is great! Thanks for posting a nice comment on mine recently. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

hot outfit!

god, i hate stupid math classes. logic seems like it should be easy as pie but when you make easy ideas into fullblown stupid concepts it makes it tough

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes, cutie

Anonymous said...

awww. happens everywhere. ur dignity is just fine! lol. u look chic!

Patty Ann said...

omgggggggg your story is sooo funny
and cute
nothing a pair of candy apple red peep toes couldn't fix
that is the best line ever
and i think i'd fail that test
because i have no idea what r and not r means or refers to...okay so confused right now

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