Wednesday, October 28, 2009

until she's home again with me

I am in love with fall. The colors, the atmosphere, the weather...mmmm!

I also really feel like mimicking the gorgeous fall colors in my outfits... The rich bright reds and golds and also the muted rust and mustards. Mmm...

I am wearing a vintage velvet hat that I thrifted (for less than $5 I think). It is so chic and so perfect for this season. I am loving velvet at the moment and have a wonderful velvet dress that I can't wait to wear (also thrifted) would be a great witch dress...yay, costume ideas!

Ever try running in heels? I always feel a strange exhilaration, kind of like the way I feel running as fast as I can in Converse (or any other shoe with zero support basically). But in heels it's like you could be in a movie and running towards your one true love just as their train is about to pull away from the need heels for that old romantic feeling. Including gloves, a impractically tight pencil skirt, and a cute little hat would increase that old-time romantic feel. Hmmm...perhaps for tomorrow's outfit?

I wish for every one of you a warm cup of cocoa to warm your hands and a cat to curl up on your lap. Have a lovely afternoon!


Sher said...

Wow, these pictures of the golden and red leaves are gorgeous!! And your outfit absolutely complements the background, I adore your bright red skirt and the lil purse you have there:)

Can't wait to see you dress up for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

ooooh ur outfit is just perfect!
matches soo well with the autumn colors-looove it <3

Bella said...

Looove this outfit... and the fall colors are so gorgeous! xxx

kimi said...

love your outfit! this jacket is so charming and the hat goes perfectly with it.

Patty Ann said...

i LOVE this outfit
so very sophisticated
and the pictures are
amazing too!!!
that jacket is just
so cute!!!

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