Friday, October 30, 2009

some call me the gangster of love

Today I was a private eye. Actually, I always am (in my mind), but today I dressed the part. I would totally make an awesome detective because I am very observant and no one would ever suspect me of anything...I'm very innocent and brilliant at becoming different people. To toot my own horn, I guess.

I am in love with trench coats because they are just the epitome of the private eye era, in my mind. Also...this is not my Halloween costume. People asked me if I was dressed up for Halloween...and I was like, no...this is how I dress. Oh well.

This is what I wore to work today. It was surprisingly warm and humid today...weird weather for fall. It was also very blustery and the wind blew almost all the leaves off the trees.

Yeah...those are totally my old volleyball shorts...hooray for spandex! Wow...I remember those days...when I had thighs of steel. Oh, those were the days.

I am so excited for tomorrow to be Halloween but I am not excited at the same time because I have to work 10-7 at Target (it's my last day at Target - yay!). Then I'm going to my grandma's house to help her hand out candy. I really really wanted to go to Haunted High but everyone was already going with someone else. Or something like that. Ho hum.

Please everyone have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend! I can't wait to see all your costume ideas!


Poisoned Amour said...

i love your blazer and boots. so adorable!
btw i love your hair. its like perfect curls.. mine get frizzy at times. so annoying!

Sher said...

Oh, I love the geeky glasses, it's so adorable!

You have a great Halloween, I wish we celebrate here:(

street-inspiration. said...

wow, i love that look :)
really cool!!!

Luchie said...

I love your boots, wow you have a great blog and great pictures too :D

millu ♥ said...

very great! i love your looks.
thanks for your comment... :)<3

Patty Ann said...

i really love those rims, and the closeup picture is a really great photo of you!

Grace said...

It turned out great.

Love Grace.

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