Thursday, November 26, 2009

proud to be a p.y.t.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends...even those who do not celebrate this holiday. I am thankful for so many things that it would be impossible to list them all.

Something has come to my attention, especially during this Thanksgiving season. I have become aware, having been on the blogging scene for more than a year now, that so many of us are quick to put ourselves down and aren't usually thankful for our wonderful qualities. Most of us are quick to comment on everyone elses outfits, art, ect., but fail to see the great things we put into our own.

So, I have created the I love me!!! award. It's like most other need to pass it on to fellow bloggers you feel deserve it, link to them, let them know they have been tagged, ect., you know. The point of the award is this, though: you need to list ten things you love about yourself. It will be probably be hard, but we need to take some time and realize the good things about ourselves. Like it's been said, it's hard for one to properly love others when they fail to love themselves. And, as it has also been is all you need.

So...ten things I love about ME! Here they are...
  1. I love my ability to read music
  2. I love my smile, especially when it's crooked
  3. I love my (usually) sunny disposition
  4. I love that I am stubborn
  5. I love my creative flair
  6. I love that I am not afraid to have fun
  7. I love my curly hair
  8. I love that I am super smart and that I am not afraid to let people know it
  9. I love that my ears are not pierced
  10. I love that I am a total bookworm

There you have it...some things I love about myself. I can't wait to see what Sher, Weesha, hippiegirl, and Patty Ann list about themselves. I am tagging four people, but I urge you to tag however many you feel like. I hope you like my idea for this award and that it reminds you that you are a completely unique and wonderful person. Seriously.


Goodle. said...

That is a really fantastic award idea! I agree that sometimes we put ourself down because we see these other beautiful people. But everyone has something that is Unique and that is what we should cherish!! :D

Goodle x

Who are you Weesha? said...

aww, Indy thank you!! You're so awesome, love ya too!

Sher said...

Happy thanksgiving dear!!! You must be having so much fun feasting right now!!

What a lovely award!! Okay, I'll have to crack my head on the list of 10 things lol:P I think it's a wonderful idea though, to remind yourself that there is no one quite just like you! I really love your list, you are very very special and I'm thankful I got to know you:)

Bere Tarde o temprano said...

I Love your curly hair too! jeje I always wanted curly hair, but mine is straight straight buuuu.


kimi said...

This is a beautiful idea!

Poisoned Amour said...

happy thanksgiving to you too dear! this award, is such an awesome idea. good for you!

oh and i tagged you in a blog award, go check my blog! :)

Imogen said...

I love this award. Excellent idea. I love your curly hair too!

Viva La Fashion said...

happy thanksgiving!

and i'm a total bookworm too. although lately i haven't had as much reading time as i would've liked. :/

street-inspiration. said...

great idea and thank you for this award :)

Smileyfreak said...

That is such a cool idea!! :) Well done for creating such a wonderful award

gleenn said...

that's a great tag. yeah, you're right. there are too many things to be thankful in life. and there's so much beauty in ones self that simply awaits to get enhanced and topped. ;)

Sher said...

Hey sweetie,

I tagged you at my page! My turn haha:P

michelle_ said...

happy belated thanksgiving !
i can read music too ! and love ur confidence of being a smart person . anything good should always be embraced :D they make u shine from ur inside..

michelle_ said...

thanks for ur comment :)
i've got a new blog post up now !

elena-lu said...

awesome! love this idea! its definately hard to say these things outloud and i dont know why!! its like we've been trained to put our selves down and not accept that we're pretty darn wonderful! if we say it then we're vain or conceited or whatever and its like um no its self love people! and its something that we should all be having for ourselves!!
rock on girly!! you are wonderful!!! and i mean that ;)

Grace said...

What a fantastic idea!!

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, too :).

The look was light pink with black.

Fantaschíck! said...

Ei, I am Sending the I LOVE ME award to wonderful friends and there blogs, starting with ME!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Indy: yes you are a positive smart girl with a beautiful smile, curls and personality!

Thank you for putting yourself out there for the world to know you.

Marta from Barcelona;P

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