Monday, November 30, 2009

there are simply too many notes...

I was tagged by the lovely Imogen to photo seven blue things in my here they are!

  1. blue frame - this frames a sketch my friend Jon drew of me sophomore year at high school
  2. necklace Grandmother Willow gave to me in 1607
  3. The Daring Book for 145 - How to Read the Tide Charts
  4. a tiny teacup for when I have tea parties
  5. my blue bow-tie from when I was in band...the blue bow-ties marked the Wind Symphony players (the best in high school) apart from the others who only had black ones...
(for example...the year after this pic was taken my brother auditioned and made it into Wind Symphony. It was great...the trumpets sat right in front of the percussion so I could hit him on the head with my sticks any time he played out of tune...just kidding, of course.)

6. my Wedgewood box that was a gift from my holds one of my baby teeth and a pendant with a baby picture of my childhood best friend.
7. a vintage hat made with blue feathers...glorious!

I will tag Michelle to find seven yellow things in her room...

This is what I wore to uni's starting to get really cold...not as cold as it usually is this time of year, but cold enough so I'm not sure how much longer outside pictures can continue! Alas.

I decided to rock my Converse boots today...and also, debut my amazing vintage jacket. Yes, the shoulders could almost make me a football player, but it is awesome all the same. I got it at a thrift store for $6.99, I think...yeah. I almost passed it up but then my mom talked me into going back (thanks Mom!).

If any of you are music fans and have not seen Amadeus, do it now. Here is a trailer for the more recent director's cut...glad it has the infamous laugh included...

This won eight Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Costume Design, and Best Makeup...the costumes are amazing. Look at those wigs!


Goodle. said...

Oh my god! The converse boots? I havent seen anything as cool as these! They are sooooo awesome :D
And your your top with leopard! awesome,very funky outfit :)

Goodle x

Sher said...

Oh wow, you have lovelier blue stuff than me! The blue bow tie is so adorable!!Your wedgewood box is precious, such a pretty gift from your grandma:)

And your converse boots are unbelievable! You look really fabulous today!! I just love everything about this outfit!! Everything!!

wardrobeexperience said...

i adore this jacket. most 80s jackets i found at thrift stores are far too big. yours looks as tiny as a 80s big shouldered jacket can!


kimi said...

Oh I love this shirt! Amazing. Very well combined with the pencil skirt.
I'm not so much into your boots but I'm curoius anyway. How do you get in? Do they have a zip?
By the way: Your hair looks awesome in these pics.

Patty Ann said...

you and your boy are so cute!! and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those shoes

Iva said...

I'm thinking that's one phenomenal, ferocious shirt! ;) and you completely rocked it, into a whole new league of its own ;)

Hannah said...

The jacket is very awesome. Good thing your mom was able to talk you back into it, I've had my mom do that many times, it's always worth it :)

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