Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...I'd pick the seasick crocodile

I am having the most horrible week. First off I completely failed at my impromptu go at the temple blocks during Sleigh Ride at the winter concert. Secondly, this is exam week and that just fails all over the place with studying and all that. Thirdly, yesterday as I was jumping over a puddle to avoid getting my little pink shoes wet I ripped the dress I was wearing all the way up the back. Yes, all the bits and bobs you don't want showing in the wintery sun were right out there for everyone to see! Yes indeed. So, I had to wear my coat tied around my waist and therefore froze to death walking to all my classes. Ah, such is my life. I hope it was entertaining for you to imagine me with my bum hanging out gasping and thrashing to save the world. I swear, the things I do for all of you. Actually I didn't do it for all of you, but I did tell you. For you. Because I love you. All of you.

Oh, and of course, it was too cold and dark to take pics outside soooo, here are the badly lighted ones from inside my house. I swear I look so much taller and slimmer when I take pics outside. Plus, the lighting is just ghastly. Oh, I said that already. Sorry.

I have two finals on Thursday, so tomorrow I will study. And study. With a bit of studying sauce on the side. Appetizing, I know. Hopefully I'll dress up in something cute when it comes time for work...I hope not to disappoint you all. Because I love you. Oh, I said that already, too. Seriously. Well, I do.


Sher said...

Awww, and I love you too! Mwahhhsssssssss*

Adore your sweet pink cardigan and your leopard clutch! I'm still looking out for leopardy things that I can call my own:)

So sorry you had such a terrible week, must have been awful freezing in that torn dress!! Well this week will be better I hope because we love you!!

love, S said...

Oh my goodness! *hug* life is so hard sometimes... At least you had your coat ;) That outfit is SO mega cute!!

Good luck with the study!!

Kallie said...

this is very cute, good luck with your finals

michelle_ said...

love ur leopard print clutch darling !
how old are you by the way ?

awesome blog post darling !
thanks for sharing this with everyone in the internet worl :D

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
glisters & blisters

Nadine said...

Your hair is sooo cute today :).

Jen said...

this is such an adorable outfit. i love the pink with the leopard and your gray booties :) hopefully the next few days won't be so terrible. good luck on your last two finals! i'll be studying like crazy too!

Les Pitreries de Vanoue said...

Aw you are super cute!!!!!


Kristin said...

You look awfully tall and slim to me! Diggin' the leopard clutch!

Lisa said...

lovely leopard clutch!
where did buy it? :)

Pierrot le Fou said...

oh this is so cute, i love it!

Anonymous said...

fabulosityfactor.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

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