Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the ox and mule kept time

I've gotten so tired of seeing myself in black tights nearly every single day, so I busted out some purdy green ones. They match the color of the tree in the background. I also got out my vintage faux fur muff which I am soooooo happy I scored from a thrift store last spring.

By the way...last night I had a dream that I could moonwalk like Michael...


xoxo said...

yay! for dancing! I notice your always doing that in your pictures.
I like the green tights, black tights are good some of the time but change is fab too.

Friend in Fashion said...

Gorgeous outfit - love the vest & your boots :)


michelle_ said...

lovely arm warmer !
looks sooo cozy !
awesome post !
keep up the blogging work .

wish you a merry christmas in 2 days !
visit my blog + comment + follow !

Sher said...

Oh, you look absolutely festive in those green tights!! I really really love these pictures in the snow!! And I so wanna steal your fur muff, it's so adorable:)

You look so pretty with this lipstick shade too, what colour is this?


love, S said...

Hahaha I love these pics you're SO having a great time and I love that it's totally apparent in your outfit posts :P You're awesome!

What... "Chillaxin'" is fully a word that should have its own definition in the Oxford Dictionary!

Jen said...

i can't get enough of that fur muff :) those boots look gorgeous on you, very flattering. and yay for green tights!

hope your holidays are going fabulously!

Rica said...

i love the fur...i want to get one like that in the spring too. haha. you look fabulous and i always envy you posing outside in the middle of the snow

merry xmas!!! and happy new year as well.



Style Bird said...

I need a fur muff! This look is perfect..love the green tights. I LOVE your photos!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

These photos are amazing. The falling snow looks so fantastic! Everything looks so fantastic!

And maaaaan, I so wish I could moonwalk.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

Grace said...

I love the fur muffler.

Love Grace.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

is that a muff!?! ohmygoodness, i just about died of jealousy.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Fantastic scarf and that muff is amazing!

michelle_ said...

thanks for the sweet comments as always !
GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com would love to wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !
<3 may you wishes come true .

xoxo . Michelle ..

Imogen said...

I love your boots and vest. Your outfit is so perfect for the season. Merry Christmas xxxxx.

hannah said...

such a great look, especially with the muff! happy holidays !

Delightfully Tacky said...

Love the fur!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love how your pics do not look too posey and rehearsed and yet they turn out so well! You look really great here. I really like the title of this post too. Does it have any special significance?


michelle_ said...

what a magnificent postt !
thanks for sharing this with us..

thanks commenting on my previous post !
xoxo . Michelle from

Clochette said...

I love this really retro _ Preppy style, you look great!!!

Anonymous said...

You look like a real lady today :). I love the color of your tights and the muff (do you call it like that in English)?

Sophie said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love that you are dancing about in the snow it looks so fun! This outfit is lovely, I love your faux fur muff. xo

Goodle. said...

Ohhh your boots are gorgeous! And i agree, sometimes black tights do get boring! I never had green tights, but yours look great :)

Happy Holiday :D

Goodle x

yiqin; said...

Fantastic boots :)

michelle_ said...

Hi indy !
Thanks so much for ur nice comments ! Am glad u liked d blogger interview I did with Lexy :)
U sud keep checking her site back :)
She always has wonderful stuff to share :)
Enjoy ur new years !

Michelle @ glisters and blisters

Dannie said...

loooving this warm christmas time look, you look soo cute and wow- chic hand warmer!!! your cutesy curly hair adds the exact touch of perfection too
and wow- coool dream
rip mj

wardrobeexperience said...

lovely pictures! love the mule!

Patty Ann said...

i have a muff too!!! i need to pull it out, i love your muff!


Anonymous said...

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