Thursday, December 31, 2009

war is over...if you want it

I've had a fun filled week complete with sticky Cinnabons and car trouble. I've been trying to get something done with my complete ditherspaz of a camera, and at least I've gotten a tripod to use now! Yay, no more setting the camera on every sketchy surface possible! So, I'm pumped about that. Also, I received the amazing sequined blazer a la H&M from my parents for Christmas. I was a bit ecstatic when I opened it because I had wanted it so bad and not expected to get it...I cannot wait to debut it. Other memorable pressies include Revlon lipstick in Va Va Violet (from my bro), and a gorillapod (from my boyfriend).

Here is my outfit for running around today. I'm wearing textured tights that are, essentially, a sweater for your legs. Quite lovely. Also, this pretty cropped cardi I got on sale for $5...isn't the print lovely?

And, since it's the last of the Oughties, I suppose it's time for a resolution. Or two. Or not, actually, since I only have one. And that is to have no resolutions. I hate having them each year and then just not going through with any of them. It's depressing really. I want change, not just a resolution.

So, what has happened in my life the past decade? I've graduated high school (and elementary school...and middle school, for that matter), I've started going out with my wonderful boyfriend, I've gone to Disneyworld for the first time, moved from the house I grew up in, gotten stitches, and started a fashion blog. I've also had five jobs, including the two I'm presently working at. And some bits and bobs in between. You know.

Well, happy New Year to all of you...start the year out right!


Anonymous said...

yes resolutions are a bit silly, change is better

love your sweater!

Style Bird said...

I love this..the gloves are perfect! Happy New Year! xoxo ava

Rica said...

i love this look. i always see that kind of tights everytime i go shopping but i never thought it would be that pretty. i love the color and your shoes is fab.

happy new year!!!


love, S said...

Happy New Year honey!! I love this post and the shoes and the cardi and the tights *swooooon!*


Rachael said...

You have been busy! :) You look amazing, and what a deal on the cardi!

Sher said...

Happy New Year to you, Indy! You're looking very lovely in that floral cardi and gloves combo:)

Lotsa hugs*

ayu said...

hmmmm..cinnabons! :9
happy new year indy!
hey, you should visit my baking blog for food porn :p

Imogen said...

Happy New Year! I can't believe 2009 is over already. I hope you achieve everything you wish to in 2010. I love your cardigan, such an amazing bargain and I love your shoes. Your gloves are very stylish too.

Nefertiti,deesse NiLuNoah adoratrice d Aton said...

happy New Year ;O)

Anonymous said...

This look is awesome... Happy New Year!

Sabine said...

Sweater for legs? I want that, too! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sabine x

Pelikan said...

Love that look too, especially the gloves and your red shoes!
Happy new year:)

Naddl said...

i love the gloves! and the whole look ;)

Patty Ann said...

happy new year to you too!!! cute gloves and outfit!

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